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Main benefits for publishers working with Booxscale

Monetize your content
Minimum effort for implementation
Provide better results for visitors
No annoying ads, just relevant links
Widgets that blend into your website
Smarter, hyper-local, relevant results

How does it work

Simple implementation that brings you profit in no-time

  • Implement Booxscale. The implementation is simple and we will support you on every step of the way.
  • Visitor on your website reviews the listing and clicks on the widget or link
  • Visitor is redirected to a marketplace
  • Conversion on marketplaces is recorded
  • Get commission for a successful conversion

Questions and answers


Most frequently asked questions about Booxscale

We accept UK based publisher sites of all types, but your site must have a means of linking to a marketplace to promote their services. All publishers who apply to Booxscale pass through our approval process to verify the details you've provided.

Apply through the contact form below. Your application is followed by an approval process to verify the details you've provided. When the approval process is completed we will contact you to inform you about the outcome and about the next steps.

Nothing. You can join Booxscale for free.

At the end of each month or however it has been agreed in the contract.

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