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Add a new source of bookings for your marketplace

Connect to Booxscale’s premium publisher and traffic integrations. Only pay when you receive a booking.

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Booxscale for publishers

Generate revenue from your website traffic with Booxscale

Integrate our marketplace hyper-local listings from all of our leading on demand marketplaces.

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Le Salon

Booxscale for publishers

Are you looking to generate revenue from your website traffic?

Add a new source of revenue by integrating a custom Booxscale solution that will surface hyperlocal relevant marketplace booking opportunities to your audiences on your website and within your apps.

Search engines

Voice Assistant

Chatbot and AI

Map and location




Booxscale targets audiences on publisher sites, emerging technologies such as Voice and Chatbots as well as traditional integrations such as eBay and

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However they search
  • Search engine
  • Voice assistant
  • Chatbot & AI
  • Map and location
  • Publishers and directories
  • Social media
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50+ marketplaces

Across all sectors

Smarter, hyper-local, relevant results
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For marketplaces


Integrating Marketplaces with leading publisher, technologies and distribution partners.

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